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Servicing PCs Since 1993


Turnaround Time: Every effort is made to evaluate every unit within 24 hrs. However, due to periods of increased workload it may take longer to contact you with a diagnosis. A time estimate will be given when you drop your machine off.

Diagnostics: $75 minimum fee, applied towards repairs

Viruses / Malware: $150 Flat Fee most cases, in my office
• Viruses and Malware are constantly changing and becoming more dangerous, with millions of new ones being created every year. In addition to cleaning your PC, it will also be updated with any critical security updates and patches available.

Remote Diagnostics:
• Initial Quick Screening - FREE
• Repairs, if needed, will be charged at $75 / hour, $75 minimum.

Software Service
• If a system is severely infected with viruses / malware, we may recommend a data backup and system reimage. If customer declines a reimage in this situation, then there is no guarantee that the virus problems will not return in a short period of time. If a data backup and system reimage is approved, any labor charges at this point will be waived in lieu of the data backup and reimage labor charges that would now be applied.
• If an operating system is too damaged and cannot be repaired, we will recommend a data backup and reinstall. If approved, any labor charges at this point will be waived in lieu of the data backup and reimage labor charges that would now be applied.
• Some software issues, such as intermittent freezing or blue screens can be difficult to reproduce and fix. Therefore multiple visits may be necessary. Customers can help by providing as much information as possible and record any information displayed on screen. If we cannot duplicate or fix the problem on the initial visit, the evaluation fee that you are charged will be credited on subsequent visits toward other charges if within 7 days of equipment pickup.
• If during the process of a software service, other problems are encountered, the customer will be contacted for any additional charges that may apply.

Example: If a computer is severely infected, Microsoft Windows system files may be deleted by the viruses’ removal utilities. This would require a Windows repair and/or reimaging and is not due to any negligent actions of the technicians.

Data backup
• By default, we backup only data, pictures and music. Movies may not always be backed up due to their size.
• We look in the customer’s profile, the All Users profile, and additional profiles if multiple accounts are displayed at the login prompt. We try to locate all pictures, music and documents. If you have specific files elsewhere on the hard drive, they may not always get backed up unless we know about them ahead of time.
• Successful data backup may be affected by failed or failing hard drives, bad sectors on the hard drives, or viruses. It is not always possible to retrieve data, all or part of, due to these circumstances.
• When dealing with some email programs such as outlook express, outlook or others that store email on the hard drive, we must know about this ahead of time. This is not something we look at by default and email will not be backed up. If email set up is requested - When reconfiguring these type email programs, some information such as passwords will be required by the user therefore complete configuration may not be done in the Repair Center. You may need to contact your ISP provider for specific configuration information.

Reimage / Reinstallations
A computer reimage/reinstallation involves the following:
• A reformat of the hard drive. ALL PROGRAMS AND FILES WILL BE DELETED DURING THE HARD DRIVE FORMATTING. Once a computer is reimaged, data that was not backed up beforehand cannot be retrieved.
• Installation of the original operating system that shipped with the computer. Most computers have the license code on the exterior case. We use that license code with our media. We may require the media that shipped with the computer. Many computers ship with the media that will allow for reimage. If we request the original media and you do not have it, it is usually possible to purchase these from the computer manufacturer at a reasonable cost. We can usually assist you with this. We may also be able to provide you with a copy of the recovery media if we have it available at a reasonable cost.

We update the computer operating system with the latest updates (Windows XP and above). We will ensure that all component drivers are installed unless not available from the computer manufacturer.

If the customer does not provide an antivirus subscription with the license code, we will install a free antivirus program. We also HIGHLY recommend the purchase of Malwarebytes Antimalware Pro licensed download version at a current cost of $24.95 which we can provide and install for you.

We will ensure that the following are working:
• Normal computer usage
• Built-in network
• Wireless network
• Audio
• Optical drive functionality

We will attempt to install the CDRW/DVD applications that shipped with the computer, unless they are not available. If they are not available, we will install a generic application for CD / DVD burning and media viewing.

The following are not part of a reimage:
• Microsoft Office is NOT part of the operating system. It has its own media and license code. If it was preinstalled by the computer manufacturer, then they should have provided a CD/DVD with the license code or it may have been a 'Trial' version. Microsoft Works is also NOT part of the operating system. If you provide us with the manufacturer restoration media, the word processing may be part of the image unless you purchased Microsoft Office or Works separately from the computer. Any other programs that were installed by you or the computer manufacturer will not be installed as part of a reimage unless you provide the manufacturer restoration media to us or is part of the manufacturer recovery partition on the hard drive.